Before starting any prep work be sure to read our health page including lead section, this type of work could cause lead exposure

This section shows step by step progress of how a painter may handle one type of house painting project. There are 6 pages, including 23 illustrations.

While most homeowners usually have there roof and sides painted at different times. here the roof is also painted. There is also a very noticeable color change, which would probably call fore an extra coat of paint on some surfaces. That is one reason why many people repaint with the same colors time & time again

At the start: There is pealing paint, mildew on the siding, and rust on roof old house needs paint

The shutters are removed and the house is washed. See Washing Surfaces shutters removed

The heavily rusted areas on the roof are wire brushed, then primed with the proper metal primer primer on roof

Loose paint is scraped from the dormer, then the dormer is immediately spot primed, as the climbing equipment would still be in place. A roof ladder would probably be used to access the side of the dormer dormer scraped and primed

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