Before starting any prep work be sure to read our health page including lead section, this type of work could cause lead exposure

The rest of the siding and trim work is scraped. Bare wood and edges of the paint can be sanded with course paper. 60-120 grit siding scraped and sanded

All bare wood is spot primed with the appropriate latex or oil / alkyd exterior wood primer spot primed

The dormer is then painted with latex finish paint.1st the overhang, then the sides.
The idea here is not to have to get back on the roof, once the roof is finish painted.
The color change shown on the trim would probably require 2 coats.
The siding may also need 2 coats for best coverage. dromer gets painted

The roof is then painted with an alkyd metal paint. Hopefully 1 coat will do the trick roof is then painted

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