new unpainted nail holes filled
priming is started on ceiling
primer cut in finished walls /ceilings

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Joint compound should be checked over first. Recoat any sunk in or nicked spots. Sand off any ridges with 120 grit paper or a sanding block

Nail Holes are filled with wood filler, putty or spackling compound.
Sand wood filler or spackling flush with wood after it has dried. Putty is rubbed on flush and does not need to be sanded.

Dust Out the room. Use dust brush and  broom to get the room some- what clean  Use a shop vac if available. The room will be dusted again before the finish coats are applied

Prime ceiling & walls. Begin cutting in at the top. Use a 2.5inch angular sash brush. Paint a strip 3 or 4 inches wide.

You can continue cutting in the entire room.

A latex wallboard primer or latex primer sealer is usually preferred.