start rolling primeron ceiling finished rolling ceiling
finish rolling walls
wood work gets primed
Some latex primer sealers will also work as bonding primers. Some primers may be suitable for both the wallboard and the trim. The factory painted heater should be dulled before it is primed. See Dulling Surfaces
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After the edges have been cut in, roll the ceiling using 9 inch roller and an extension poll. Take about 2 foot wide section across. Over-lap your cut in strip as you go. When you reach the side wall, start  rolling another 2 foot wide section overlapping the first by a couple of inches. Continue this process until the ceiling is completed.

Roll the walls. Start in a corner at the top. Roll a 2 foot wide section from top to bottom overlapping the cut in strips. Roll another 2 foot wide strip from top to bottom overlapping the first by a couple of inches. Continue this process until the wall is completed. Move on to the next wall working your way around the room

When rolling a wall or the ceiling try to finish the entire wall or ceiling before taking a break unless the wall or ceiling is divided into sections. Then you may take a break between sections. This is most important when working with the finish paint.
Trim Now use a suitable wood primer for the trim.

An oil/alkyd base interior wood primer will also make a good first coat over the factory painted heater. Paint only the outside of any heater. Do not get any paint on elements. Check manufacturer painting recommendations before painting a heater. Use caution especially with electric heat. See Safety