This Interior Repaint Illustrated covers 4 pages... prep to finish

Before starting any prep work be sure to read our health page including lead section, this type of work could cause lead exposure

The room is in need of allot of repair. There is a water stain, a knot, several size holes, joints and cracks

room needs work


All furniture has been removed, curtains & pictures have been taken down. Walls & woodwork have been washed with detergent or tsp. 

 See Washing Surfaces

Shinny areas are dulled down with 220 sand paper
 See Dulling Surfaces

drop cloth on floor

The floor is covered with a drop-cloth. Several drop-cloths may be required to cover the entire floor

Thin drop cloths may be doubled for added protection

large repair started

The largest repairs are started first the large hole has been trimmed to a  rectangle.
See Sheetrock Repair

1"by 3"boards are set in place in behind sheetrock with sheetrock screws

more holes to patch

Sheetrock is set in place at the large hole.

A stick on wall patch is placed over the hole of the windowed wall.

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