Are oil based products on there way out ?

In recent years many are finding that favorite of the oil/alkyd products are no longer available. This trend is gradually spreading throughout the U.S. This is because some regions/states have adapted restrictions or bans on the sale of certain consumer paint products.

The reasoning behind the ban is an environmental concern. Oil/Alkyd products give off more hazardous fumes than latex…especially during use. Even after they have been dry for some time, some paints can permeate pollutants into the air. Disposal of these products is also more of a problem than with water base products.

The easiest way to find out if this ban affects you is to check with a local paint store. The restrictions can vary from state to state

 Most states that have taken up with the ban still allow certain oil products to sold…such as:
Oil/Alkyd primers and primer sealer
Quart size containers of some oil/alkyd products like metal paint.
Certain specialty products may be available in quart or gallon size.
Alkyd metal paint may be available in gallon size at some locations

Of course “Wood stain” products have also been affected. The oil based stains are being replaced with water base and some companies have introduced a different type of oil base stain that complies with the environmental standards Linseed and soybean oils are some of the ingredients being used to replace the standard bases of oil/alkyd stain
We have also seen something called oil base stain with water cleanup.
Some folks have stocked up on their favorite products before the ban went into action. Others will travel to a neighboring state where they can still buy oil based products to take back home, which may not be a legal activity. However the ban trend is spreading, so as time goes on... it will get harder to find states that have not taken up with an oil ban.

Gains and Losses

There are many advantages that latex may have over oil based. Besides the environmental pluses, clean up and drying time are the most obvious, but now days it seams some of the good quality latex products can even be used at temperatures as low as 35 degrees F. Where oil base use to be the preferred product for cooler temps, now latex may be the choice of many painters.

The disadvantages will be most notice by the well experienced painters, and those who are critical of the quality of the finished work. For one reason oil based paints generally have better flow or (self leveling ) properties than latex paint, also the slower drying properties of the oil based tends make the paint more workable than latex. This flow out ability of the oil based can generally produce a smoother higher quality finish than a latex.
The bonding properties of oil/alkyd are also different than those of latex paint, better for some projects but not all.
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"Water" Making Progress

As we see technological advances almost everyday...the paint industries are also at work developing new products to send to the market. With the interest to turn the world into "greener" place researchers have been inventing new water-based or water-born paints (not necessarily called latex) to replace the traditional stuff.
There are even water born products used in the automotive industry now.

 As of yet we don't think there are any products that completely replace oil/alkyd paints without certain setbacks, but we look forward to clean breathing, easier cleanup and trying the latest products.