Sometimes called "Lid Openers"

For Gallon Cans

paint can openerThis small tool is very for handy gallon and quart cans. It takes up very little room in your tool box and won't cost you  much.

There are several different designs, some pot hooks even have a paint can opener formed into the tip, but they are simply a tool designed to pry the metal lid from a paint can. can get by without a paint can opener, but eventually you'll probably run into an old can with a stuck-on lid, and putty knife or screwdriver or doesn't grip under the lid as firmly as a this tool does.

For 5 Gallon Buckets

 There is a different tool (usually plastic) that will make it easier to remove the lid

5 gallon opener

5 gallon opener in useYou may never use five gallon buckets, but if you do this tool is easier to use than your fingers or claw hammer.

Ok.... you don't really need our help here, but when opening a can (any size)... don't try prying up the lid all the way off from one position. Pick a spot on the rim and work  your way around with your tool.

If you have never use a 5 gallon paint bucket before; You'll see that the new container lid is sealed on tightly. Tabs are semi-cut along the rim, but you will probably have to finish cutting then with a sharp knife before opening the bucket.

Many 5 gallon paint buckets have a popup pour spout built right into the lid. As long as the paint is freshly shaken so that it does not have to be stirred, you can start off buy pouring through the spout with the lid still sealed, but eventually you will want to open the lid.

These paint can openers are available at paint and hardware stores.