There generally two parts to a paint roller: The "frame", (also called a roller handle) and the "cover"
paint rollerUsually the frame and cover are sold separately but you can often find roller kits which will usually include the frame, cover, and a roller pan. Some kits will even include a brush, These kits may seem quite cost effective, but keep in mind they often do not include the best quality equipment.

There is a threaded socket in the handle to accept an extension pole

Roller Sizes
Standard rollers are sized by their length . Nine inch is the most common used size for walls and ceilings. A three or four inch roller can come in handy on certain jobs. Standard roller covers all have the same core diameter so that they will fit a standard frame.

roller covers

For each roller frame you buy you will need the same size roller cover the same length.

  In most cases you won't need to be concerned about the core diameter.

Common roller lengths are

Nap Length
The nap of the roller is the fuzz like material bonded to the core or sleeve. The thickness of this nap is  referred to as the "nap length" or "nap size." Painter will often shorten the term to just "nap" Roller covers are usually available in a an adequate number of nap lengths.

  Common Nap Sizes are

roller nap

Roller covers are available with nap sizes from 3/16" up to 1-1/2" 

Some manufacturers make nap sizes between the ones that we have listed. Example you may be in a certain large  department store to by a 3/8" and a 1/2 "  roller cover but you cant find either size, however  they do  have a 7/16" nap cover. Which is half way between a 3/8" and a 1/2 "nap. In such a case you will have  to buy 7/16" rollers (which may work fine) or go to another store

The nap size you should use really depends of the type of surface and the of paint product you will be  using.

The shorter nap rollers will give the smoothest finish but the slowest production...of coarse the short nap  rollers are not much for textured surfaces. Long  nap rollers hold allot of  paint but may tend to put too  much on smooth surfaces this will lead to creating texture from the paint which may sag.

We usually recommend using shorter nap rollers for oil base paint than we would for latex on like surfaces

When buying roller covers; first check the label on the can of  paint you will be using for roller nap  recommendations.

Other Rollers

Non-Standard Most stores that sell paint supplies have a small selection of non-standard rollers. These are usually small rollers that are sold in a kit. They may work fine for certain purposes, but covers to fit  the frames may not be available in different stores.

 Johnny Roller or Long John Popular with painters, this roller works good where a standard size roller may be to thick.....around the toilet.

jonney rollerThis roller handle is about 24" or 26" long  
The cover is about 6-1/2" long and 1-1/2" in diameter

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