Roller Accessories

Besides The frame & cover you will also need a "roller pan" also called "roller tray". You may use a bucket designed for a roller if you can find one. Many painters will use a 5 gallon bucket and a roller screen.

Roller Pans are made from metal or plastic  Get a pan for a 9" roller. You can also use the 9" pan for smaller rollers. But for rollers larger than 9" you will need a larger pan.

To make cleanup easier many stores carry disposable tray liners.

roller tray liner Tray Liner

Roller Pan

When finished rolling;  just empty the paint from your roller pan back into your bucket & set the tray liner aside to dry then its ready for proper disposal Its a good idea to by tray liner and pan in the same store to ensure a good fit. Tray liners are good to have on hand on job where you will be changing paint often. If your not using tray liners, its best to wash out the roller pan as soon as possible after you've finished with it.

A Roller Screen is a handy option to a roller pan. Roller screens a usually made of metal and are meant to be used with 5 gallon bucket.

roller screen Click for full image

The advantages of using a roller screen rather than a pan:

Disadvantages of using a roller screen:

 Basically when you will be the same for applying allot of the same material for a long while: such as  working in large areas, or going from room to room of the same color, you will probably prefer the roller  screen over a pan. But for small jobs and frequent color changes, a pan and tray liner are easier.

Roller Pole/ Extension Pole

Not only is a roller pole a necessity for painting ceilings, its an important tool when your rolling out the walls. You may prefer a shorter pole for painting the walls than what you use on the ceilings. These poles have a threaded end that screws into a socket of the roller frame handle.

Wood Roller Pole
roller pole
The most basic roller pole
You may be able to use the handle from a small push broom as long as the threads match

Telescopic Extension Pole extension pole
Available in a range of sizes, these poles extend to almost double their closed length.
 They lock into place with either a twist action or a snap button

Tree Piece Extension
three piece pole
Use one, two or all three pieces;
Very handy especially in areas like closets wear there is not enough room to use a longer pole

Although we do recommend the three piece pole, the joints are not particularly strong, so you should use one of the other type poles for ceilings.

Caution: roller poles conduct electricity, be extremely careful of power lines.

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