General Painting Safety

 In all the different processes mentioned in this site there is some level of incidental risk. The chance of falling from a ladder or staging would be the most obvious danger, but the other areas also need some degree of caution

Children Keep children’s safety in mind while working on any project. There are some extremely poisonous products that children must not have access to.

Health The materials used for paint and prep can present health hazards if not used properly (See Health section)

Flammability Some of the materials used can be highly flammable. Keep away from open flame. Stain rags used for wiping certain kinds of oil stain have been know to combust from the heat produced as they dry. Take extra precaution discarding stain rags don’t leave them in a pile. Some people suggest leaving them in a bucket of water and disposing of them that way.

Lead paint that currently exist on many homes can be a major issue when it comes to repainting (See Health Section)

Electricity can be a danger during interior projects as well exterior. When washing wall be extremely careful near electrical outlets. If wall plates are removed be careful not to touch into the electrical box. Disconnect power if children will be present. Cover outlet and switch boxes with tape. Do not spray paint onto outlets or switches.  Never contact a utility line with an extension pole or tool (For other cautions see "Ladder Safety")

Protection Work gloves, rubber gloves, goggles are items you should have available while working on your project.