This section shows a common method of repairing a fairly large hole in a sheetrock wall or ceiling. Here two boards will be used for sheetrock supports, although sometimes it is better to use an existing stud. Stick on wall patches are also available for holes up to a certain size.

A large hole is in the sheetrock sheetrock repair

Take an approximate measurement of the size to cut the sheetrock measure drywall patch

Cut out a piece of sheetrock to use for the patch.
 Next hold the sheetrock patch over the hole and trace around the edges.
 It is better to trace a little large so that the patch will easily fit into the cut-out. trace drywall patch

You can use a utility knife to make the cut-out.
It would be easier to drill a hole in the corners and use a keyhole saw,
 but you must be careful of wiring and plumbing inside the wall.
A power rotary tool can be used, but will create more dust use utility knife

The cut-out is done.
Next cut two pieces of 3 or 4 inch boards each a few inches longer than the cut-out hole in drywall cut

Place the boards in behind the cut out as shown and secure with 1 inch sheetrock screws.
 You can use longer screws, but be careful for wiring and plumbing any time screws go through a wall.
 Usually no drilling is required for this, but a power screwdriver works fine.sheetrock support boards in

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