Discover/ Devolop  your Talents, Abilities

If you have not had much to do with painting before you'll probably feel a sense of excitement when opening that first "package of sand paper" "tube of caulk" "can of paint" thats good. Quite often however, those feelings of anticipation soon turn to impatients and frustration as you realize the job is either phisicly harder, or more tedious than expected. All the above depends one the particual job and the person doing the work . All jobs are not for everybody.

The real Pros are the Pros.

 Experienced painters have spent years developing hands on skills and if you have not had allot to do with house painting before, don't expect to keep up with them. However even if you have not had experience don't be discouraged. If  you are willing to put in an honest effort, that means work, time, can make a valuable improvement on your house. In fact you've already come to a good place to get started.

As you work with the tools and materials youre skills will improve, you'll notice this over time. Each time you start a new project you may realize your'e work has improved from the time you started your'e last. Try a little advice from people in the business the paint store, someone you have hired, or a friend,  most people are more than happy to share thier knowledge.

Rookies Start off with small projects, a kids bedroom would be a good choice a bathroom will probably be harder to do.

As for interior work, walls are usually easier to paint than ceilings and woodwork. If you have never used a paint roller before we suggest rolling a few walls or more than a few before you try rolling a ceiling. This leaves you with a little bit of a dilemma because the ceiling should be done before the walls. In this case you may want to get an experienced painter to do the ceilings and leave the rest to you.( This probably won't excite the painter though)

For exterior work, part of your required skill package will be the ability to work from a ladder. You'll be doing prep and using a paint brush while on a ladder rung or staging plank.

 If you have a shed or a small section of house out back this would be a good place to get the feel things.

General skills

Necessary for most all house painting jobs

Advanced skills

Not actually a higher degree of skills than general skills but, some home owners may want to leave this stuff to the pros